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The role of a Finance Broker.

The role of a Finance Broker.

Increasingly, Australians are using finance brokers (also called mortgage brokers) to find home loans that suit them. A finance broker is an agent between you and your home loan provider. They look at your individual situation and may recommend one or more credit products that meet your requirements.

While using a finance broker can save you time and hopefully money, keep in mind that they may be receiving a commission from the home loan provider. So, there is always the risk that they could recommend a mortgage that isn't the best one for you. In many cases, they will also ask you to pay a commission. It should be noted however, that they must have a signed finance broking agreement with you and they are not entitled to a commission unless they obtain the credit on the exact terms specified in the finance broking agreement.

If you decide to use a finance broker, do your homework first so you know you are getting a good deal.

It is also wise to ask them a few questions before you arrange a meeting. For example:

  • How many credit providers and products do you access?
  • Which credit providers do you have on your list of lenders?
  • How do you get paid?
  • Does the commission you receive vary between mortgage providers?

If you decide to use a finance broker make sure that details of any commissions received and fees charged are included on the finance broking contract that you are asked to sign, as well as the details of the credit you are looking for.

Find a finance broker in your area. In most cases, they will arrange to come to your home to talk with you.

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