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Credit Card Limits

  • When a loan Application is assessed it takes into a/c your credit card & store card limits. This is regardless of whether they are used or not. It means that this credit is available and could be used after your home loan is approved.
  • Every $10,000 of credit limit available, will reduce your borrowing capacity by about $34,000.

Action required

  • Check all credit card limits and reduce where necessary. This is especially so if your borrowing limit is equal to or less than required.

Estimating Expenses

  • When completing a loan application the following questions are generally included under average monthly expenditure:-
    • Credit / Store Card Payments
    • Total Living Expenses (incl. Motor Vehicle, Rates, Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Food, Clothing, Personal, Home Insurance and Education Expenses)
  • If you pay some of your Living Expenses with a credit card you will have included that item twice in your expenditure.
  • For every $1,000 of Annual Expenditure that is over estimated it will reduce your borrowing capacity by about $9,000.

Action required

  • When completing your loan application make sure you do not include expenditure items in two different areas, eg Credit Card payments & Living Expenses

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