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Our complimentary e-book "Preparing for your new home" outlines the issues that need to be planned for when buying a new home. It will assist in making your planning process more organised. It highlights steps most home buyers overlook and explains how our unique software package will help and save you time, money and stress.
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How to cost your project with a purpose built spreadsheet

Our aim is to provide you with a program that will relieve some of the stress whilst you are costing the building of your new home.

Today there are so many options available in the building of a new house, that it can be be hard to compare tenders for each quote received.

It appears that each tender received includes different items, so it is up to you to be able to compare the tenders in a logical way. At the same time you need to be able to ascertain what extra costs will be incurred outside the tender specifications for items such as fencing, landscaping, curtains, floor coverings etc.

In a project like this it would be a distinct advantage to bring together all the costs associated with it, ie. from the beginning when the land is purchased to the final stage when you move to your new home.

To assist you with your evaluation we have put together a spreadsheet that will help in the following areas:-

  • Assist with the comparison of tenders receive from builders.
  • How to prepare a list of items that need to be priced / procured and installed by yourself or a tradesman.
  • Summary of the costs incurred in the purchase of land.
  • Build a list of furniture and whitegoods required for the new house along with associated costs.
  • Allows you to build in removal costs.

By completing all these areas you will have an estimate of the total cost of your new home. This will allow you to arrange finance for the total project so that it is not left incomplete due to unforseen needs that were not allowed for in the original budget.

Our "Sotware Package" contains an easy to use spreadsheet that is purpose built for this situation. It will save you lots of time and manual calculations.

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