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Our complimentary e-book "Preparing for your new home" outlines the issues that need to be planned for when buying a new home. It will assist in making your planning process more organised. It highlights steps most home buyers overlook and explains how our unique software package will help and save you time, money and stress.
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Moving house is something that we all do at least once in our lifetimes and it can be an incredibly stressful task. This is why we have put this list together to help make the process easier and save your sanity.

5 Tips to get you started

  1. Start Early. Cleaning out and packing will probably take longer than you think. Start early so you don't over exert yourself in the process. First areas should be where junk has been accumulating over a period of time like the attic, garage and shed.
  2. Work to a Plan. Our 8 week plan that is included in our "Software Package", will give you guidance through the whole process. Not all items will necessarily effect you so go though with a highlighter and mark all the actions you need to take. Also when packing and cleaning, do one room at a time. Start with the room or area that is least used.
  3. Take Photographs. Any item that has to be disassembled should be photographed so that it can be easily assembled again. This could include furniture, large toys etc. Also don't forget all the electronic gadgetry, take photos where all the cables are connected so that it is easy to reassemble.
  4. To pack or not to pack? Determine what needs to be packed and what will be left behind. Throw out as much as you can as you don't want to sort out anything at your new home and it will make moving cheaper and faster.
  5. Sorting what you need. Try sorting into 3 different areas in the beginning so you only handle each item once. These areas are:-
    • All the items that are to be transferred to the new premises.
    • All items that are to be disposed of by gifts to friends and neighbours, by garage sale or donation to charity.
    • All items that are to be thrown out.

Note: We have produced an e-Workbook titled "How to prepare and plan for your move". This eBook contains 6 pages of Hints & Tips to guide you through the packing and moving process. This should help to remove the stress and complete the process in an orderly manner.

Notification of Change of Address

Also included in this Workbook is a checklist of government departments, organisations, service providers and other that you will need to contact. Not everybody on the list will relate to you. Go though the lists and highlight the appropriate ones and then mark off as each has been notified.

At only $2.20, this eBook must surely be great value for money.