Our Story

How many times have we heard these sayings when buying a property?

  • I wish I had been told that before we started.

  • Buying a house is such a stressful experience.

  • We should have better prepared and known our financial position in greater detail.

Geoffrey Boyd, a retired financial planner and insurance advisor of 22 years experience decided to look into these matters further to see how the clients could be better prepared.

Areas that appeared to be covered well were:-

  • Technical Information and processes supplied by the main service providers such as Mortgage Brokers, Conveyancers, Solicitors and Real Estate Agents.

Some of the problem areas that were not covered were:-

  • The client only goes through the process once every 10/20/30 years so they are unfamiliar with proceedings.

  • In today's society, time is such a precious commodity. To have to research, collate and analyse all the information required for a property on top of maintaining work and family commitments can be a very daunting task.

  • There was little information available relating to the preparation stage. Some of this information is on the internet but the information is very fragmented.

  • Trying to visualise the "what if's" in the planning process. Ie. Rising interest rates, reduced income, increase in family size etc

  • Not knowing the total financial situation which can lead to foreclosure down the track, or having a property that is incomplete due to lack of funds.


People were in need of information in the following areas which was not readily available in a complete format in the one location:-

  1. Being prepared with all the information required to start the buying process. This process can be time consuming and drawn out if proper planning is not conducted.

  2. A complete understanding of their financial situation.

  3. How to plan for the big move once a new property has been acquired.

It all came down to planning. Like any project undertaken there is normally a great amount of time and energy spent in the planning area to achieve a successful completion.

This should be the same when buying a new home.


To overcome these problems and have clients fully prepared as best they can be, when buying a property, we have put together a "software package" that contains, spreadsheets, templates and hints & tips that will make life a lot easier when planning for the purchase of your new home.


So that we can keep everybody up to date, your feedback would be appreciated. This could be in the form of:-

  • Other information that you would see as valuable in the preparation process.
  • Situations that have not been covered here.
  • Experiences that you have been through and you would like that information shared with others.
  • Relevant information received will be posted on our website.

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