What you get in the Software Package:

1. It guides you through the things to consider before buying the property.

As this is possibly your largest single financial commitment, it would be prudent to say that preparation is the key to a successful conclusion.

Do not leave Preparation until the last minute. As soon as the idea of moving comes to mind, start your preparation.

Preparation can be split in 6 different sectors.

  • Property Needs
    Plan what you need for your new home. Set out a broad outline.....[read more]
  • Property Location
    Work out the geographic location that is suitable to your needs. List the services.....[read more]
  • Loan Application Checklist
    When applying for a loan, the lending institution will require a lot of personal information to process your application..... [read more]
  • Avoid Hardship – Figure out what you can afford
    A good Budget can be the key to the preparation stage. Knowing your own financial.....[read more]
  • What is the Total Cost?
    Costs incurred in buying a property come from different areas. These should.....[read more]
  • Assets & Liabilities
    Any application for finance includes a list of Assets & Liabilities. To be prepared.....[read more]

Meeting the Service Providers

Now that most of the preparation work has been completed, the time has arrived to put this information to good use. At the same time some costings will have to be confirmed or determined from the Service Providers.

  1. Conveyancer / Solicitor
    Firstly,discuss the legal process in buying a house. This should be carried out before .....[read more]
  2. Financial Institution / Mortgage Broker (Lender)
    Check all costs involved in securing a loan. Your lending will require.....[read more]
  3. Real Estate Agent
    Discuss your Property needs & location with the agents selected. Supply a copy.....[read more]

2. It helps you prepare for The Move

Now that you have completed the purchase of your new home there are other matters to attend to.

The main ones are:- Packing, Moving & Unpacking and notifying people of your change of address.

Once again if these are planned operations they should proceed in an orderly manner.

  • Moving House
    Work to a plan. Start early on the clean out & packing process. As soon as.....[read more]
  • Removalist
    At the outset, decide will this be DIY or will a removalist be engaged.....[read more]
  • Change of Address
    There are a multitude of family, friends, organisations etc that need to be advised.....[read more]

  • Preparation and Planning are the essence for a smooth and stress-free property buying experience.
  • Time is a valuable commodity and this project will have to compete with all your normal activities including work and family commitments.
  • This can be a very stressful time so as much assistance as possible would be helpful.

Take this opportunity to use our spreadsheets, checklists and reminders to assist you with this preparation.



Screenshots from the Home Buyers Information Guide

Below are screenshots of the many spreadsheets and checklists, which, together with notes, reminders and other very useful information, make up the most comprehensive home-buyers information package anywhere. Included are resources designed to make your home buying experience a smoother one.

Click the image below to get a larger view.