What is the Total Cost?

Costs incurred in buying a property come from different areas. These should be collated together to arrive at the total cost of buying the new property. The same applies when buying land and building a house.

Costs will be incurred in the following areas:

We have included 2 spreadsheets for your use. They are:

  1. Financial Planning for Home Buyers
  2. Financial Planning for Home Builders

These Spreadsheets set out a list of most items that will incur costs or fees. The user determines the actual costs and places them in the spreadsheet.

It also acts as a reminder of the fees and costs that need to be researched. Some of these figures will not be available until you see your service providers. IE. Financial Institution, Conveyancers, Builders andRemovalists etc.

The package includes the 2 easy to use spreadsheets and clear instructions to help you to prepare them.