Preparing to Buy a New Home ???   Are you ready ???
Planning for the biggest expenditure in your lifetime can be a time consuming, daunting task. It is often said that buying a house is the third most stressful experience after a death in the family and divorce.
There are 2 ways to approach buying a home 1. Go out and search for a house and worry about the issues as they arise.....this      can be very stressful and is not recommended. 2. Complete all the forward planning that has to be carried out before the search     begins. This means you will always be prepared for the next step so you never       have to go backwards....this method is less time consuming and far less     stressful.
“OK, that sounds great, but what do I need to plan for and where do I start?”
Introducing 5 steps to preparing for your new home, that will place you on the right track and keep the stress levels down.
1. Prepare a list of all requirements needed at your new home. This should include details for the Property     and the Location. This will assist with property searches later. 2. Understand the Legal Process in buying a home. Discuss this process with a legal representative before     signing any contracts eg. Lawyer or Conveyancer. 3. Be totally aware of your Financial Situation. This will have to be disclosed     when you apply for a loan so start early with your preparation. This will include:- Preparing a list of all income & expenditure. A Budget Preparing a list of all Assets and liabilities. A Statement of Position 4. To support your Loan Application, you will need Documentation that confirms all the information supplied in     the Budget and Statement of Position. This documentation can take time to compile so, once again start     early. 5. Now you have your Financial Situation and Documentation prepared, it is time to obtain a Loan Approval     in Principle. This will give you an idea of the funds you can borrow, but it will be subject to a valuation of the     property purchased.  “That very comprehensive, but can I get some HELP on this?”
Sure can, just download our complimentary E book “Preparing for your new Home.” This book details all the actions required for a stress free preparation.
“I have been in Real Estate for over 20 years and this is the best planning process I have ever seen.” Bruce Eason Licensed Real Estate Agent Southern Highlands, NSW.
The 5 Steps
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