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Building your home – Check what's not in the tender.

It is vitally important that all costs incurred in building a house are known before a commitment is made and finance has been arranged.

When building a house it is the "norm" to get a "Tender" from a builder. This tender will include the basic price plus extras. There will generally be a lot of discussion around the extras that are to be included in the tender.

Once a "Tender" is accepted, finance is arranged around this figure.

What is just as important is what is not included in the "Tender".

These are the extras that you have to supply and fund to complete the project. Mostly they are not included in your costings as all attention has been on what's included.

This means you will have to increase the loan amount, if available, or fund these extras from cash flow which could effect your original budgeting. This in turn places extra pressure on the family.

Need a little help with this?

Included in our "Software Package" is a checklist of most items needed outside a basic house Tender. Some of these items would be included in the builder's Tender and some not included.

Take the checklist to your Builder and ask him to cross off all items included in your tender.The remaining items not crossed out will have to be costed and procured by yourself.

The same list of items are included in our "Software Package" under Home Builders Financial Package where all costings can be updated to obtain a realistic final figure.

These costings will need to be included in your application for finance to ensure your project can be completed within your budget constraints.

Remember: Cost overruns can delay the completion of your project. This can be easily avoided with the assistance our "software program" which will guide you through this very important costing process.

Avoid the situation shown in the photograph below (right). There is a big difference – both emotionally and financially – between getting your costings right and forgetting to cost the extras.